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The Louisiana Parish Engineers and Supervisors Association (LPESA) was founded in 1972 to foster and maintain a high professional spirit among Louisiana parish's public works and engineering employees. It provides instructive, entertaining, and important programs to those primarily concerned with the planning, operation, and maintenance of parish infrastructure. The LPESA is an organization through which programs may be coordinated among parishes and other government agencies. The organization's goal is to include an active member in every parish in Louisiana. CLICK HERE to visit the LPESA website.

2022 Spring Conference

April 20-21, 2022
West Cal Arena & Events Center

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Day 1

Infrastructure Law: Local Agency Opportunities
Mary Stringfellow, Project Delivery Team Leader, FHWA Louisiana Division | Click here

Proposed Locally-Owned Road and Street Rehabilitation Program
Tanya Moore, LPA Programs Director, DOTD | Click here

ConnectLA Broadband Initiative: Eliminating the Digital Divide in Louisiana
Thomas Tyler, Jr., Deputy Director, Louisiana Office of Broadband Development and Connectivity | Click here

Parish Success Story: St. John’s Approach to Disaster Recovery
Clayton “Snookie” Faucheux, Public Works Director, St. John the Baptist Parish | Click here

Associate Member Super Showcase on Pavement Preservation

Chip Seal Do’s and Don’ts
Stan Williams, Technical Marketing Manager, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsion, Inc | Click here

New Technology and Treatments
Jerry Johnson Business Development Executive, Corrective Asphalt Materials, LLC | Click here

Low-cost Pavement Solutions
David Fuqua, South Area Engineer, Tensar International Corporation | Click here

Day 2

NACE Partner Association Updates
Kevan Stone, Executive Director, NACE | Click here

Panel Discussion: How Local Agencies Can Help Drive Down Roadway Fatalities
Betsey Tramonte, Highway Safety Specialist,FHWA Louisiana Division
Leo Marretta, Local Road Safety Program Manager, LTAP Center
Amber Ashworth, Southwest LA Regional Safety Coalition Coordinator, IMCAL
Allen Wainwright, Public Works Director, Calcasieu Parish Police Jury
Cassie Parker, South Central Regional Safety Coalition Coordinator, SCPDC
Shelly Barrett, Northwest LA Transportation Safety Coalition Coordinator, NLCOG
Jacob Thorius, Engineer, Washington County, Iowa
Click here for "Safety Roundtable"
Click here for "How Can Local Agencies Help Reduce Fatalities"

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Regulatory Permitting and Application Process
Amber Robinson, Environmental Scientist and Project Manager, HDR Engineering Inc. | Click here

Highlighting Local Research Initiatives
Soil Stabilization - Dr. Firouz Rosti, Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering, McNeese State University | Click here
Flood Mitigation - Robert Miller, Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering, University of Louisiana at Lafayette | Click here
Resilient Infrastructure - Carol Friedland, LaHouse Director, Louisiana State University AgCenter | Click here

Roadside Maintenance: Experiences from DOTD District 07
Michael Stevens, District 07 Roadside Development Coordinator, DOTD | Click here

Off-System Bridge Compliance
Stephanie Doolittle, Bridge Inspection Manager, DOTD | Click here

Bridge Maintenance and Management
Best Practices in Bridge Management - Joey Coco, CEO, Forte and Tablada | Click here
Bridge Repair Projects in Lafayette - Alison Lognion, Engineer III and Manager, Lafayette Consolidated Government | Click here
Bridge Repair Methods - Peter DeCuir, Chief Operating Officer, Durable Piling Restoration | Click here