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Check Your Off-System Status - Letter from DOTD

Off-System Bridge Rating Information presented at LPESA Spring Conference

Off-System Bridge Program Updates Presented at LPESA Spring Conference


Parishes required to confirm status of off-system bridge rating by May 10

A letter addressed to all off-system bridge owners in Louisiana was released by DOTD requiring all parishes to review the said list that still require a load rating. LADOTD’s plan of action to mitigate these outstanding load ratings is given. Parishes shall indicate on the list provided whether or not they plan to load rate each bridge.


As part of the National Bridge Inspection Program (NBIP) administered by the LA DOTD according to 23 CFR, Part 650, Subpart 6, the State must meet a series of 23 performance metrics.  Of these, Metric 13 addresses Inspection Procedures and Load Ratings which applies to and includes locally owned, off-system bridges.


The Louisiana Parish Engineers and Supervisors Association (LPESA) has been in regular communication with LA DOTD for the past several years in the attempt to ensure that all local bridges are properly load rated and documented. With the compliance deadline of December 2020 rapidly approaching the LA DOTD has issued the attached letter to all Off-System bridge owners detailing the next steps to bring the final group of bridges into compliance.


Each parish should have received a list of bridges from the DOTD District Bridge Engineers on Monday, April 29, 2019.  Each parish has until May 10, 2019 to confirm the status of the rating process for each bridge on the list. All bridges not constructed under DOTD’s Off System Bridge Program that the parish has not rated and has no plans to rate by June 30, 2020  will be rated by DOTD. The cost of the engineering rating is estimated at $5,000 per bridge. These costs will be deducted from parish’s Off-system Highway Bridge Program funds.  Off system bridges constructed by DOTD under the Off System Bridge Program will be rated by DOTD at no cost to the Parish but this must be confirmed by the Parish by the May 10, 2019 deadline.


After completion of the review of the Off System Bridge Rating Status list the completed form must be signed by a Parish signatory authority stating that the list has been reviewed and confirmed. This must be submitted by May 10, 2019 or the DOTD will assume that the any bridge not marked as being rated will require rating by DOTD.

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